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  1. The federation's favorite uncle (guizzy)'s status on Tuesday, 11-Jun-2019 22:30:41 EDT The federation's favorite uncle The federation's favorite uncle
    @lnxw48a1 @moonman It is, but just like Twitter or fedi does to blogging, lowering the amount of work and commitment it takes to accept or reject one person means people are more willing to do it, to consider others. It takes me time and effort to write messages that try to attract a girl's attention on a dating site, an effort I'm making with no indication of whether or not she's even slightly attracted to me; for all I know my appearance could be a deal-breaker to her.

    With Tinder, at least I know I'm not wasting time trying to woo someone who's definitely not interested; if I get to the point where we're exchanging messages, I can be reasonably certain she's at least not disgusted by my face.