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  1. The case worker assigned to the federation (guizzy)'s status on Sunday, 21-Apr-2019 03:57:46 EDT The case worker assigned to the federation The case worker assigned to the federation
    The test defines me as "Schizoid":
    >A defect in your ability to form social relationships and an under-responsiveness to all sorts of stimuli. You exhibit an intrinsic emotional "flatness" where the highs don't get too high and the lows don't get too low. Emotions like joy, anger, and sadness do not move you as much as they move other people.
    >Your natural state appears to be one where you have "retired" a bit into yourself, which is one source of the calmness that characterizes your normal state. Unlike what might be expected, your passivity and lack of vitality is not a form of self-protection, but simply seems to be your natural state.

    Fairly accurate according to what I know of myself. I am very rarely experiencing strong emotion. I have learned to cope by modelizing my understanding of other people's thoughts, and rehearsing social interactions with these models in my head. This does cause some problems when I anticipate an argument with someone, and I end up unloading on the real person the frustration of the hours of internal debate and argument with my mental model of them I've had in preparation for that argument.